You keep hearing about NFT and Utility but it's like hearing about Aliens. Everybody heard of them but nobody actually saw them.

Our Eternal Flowers NFT brand is not just about pretty flowers, it’s about making money while enjoying scripts & guides thanks to your private subscription in our discord group (cook group inspired).

With all the hype around NFTs in the last period of time, we created one that serves multiple purposes.

An ETERNAL FLOWER for sure will be a special NFT to give it as a gift to anyone.

We plan on being one of the best NFT / Crypto/ Active and passive Investment groups out there.

We’ll provide some tools and the know-how that will be needed for our members to succeed.

Until our launch we’ll do giveaways worth 20 000$ in SOL and SOL Minted NTFs.

Buy our nFT to
Be Part of the next best thing

End goal = Become one of the best NFT groups with private tools and guides for our members. 


We’re focusing on the utility first but we will not neglect our NFT’s art either. So we have cool stuff to show.


Our Discord

After MINT we will turn into a private subscription based discord group – cook group inspired/ alpha group.

Holding a ETERNAL FLOWER NFT grants you access to our private Eternal Flower discord where we will drop the latest news, passive or easy income ideas, guides, the know-how that will be needed for our members to succeed and much more!


Keep in mind that with 1 token you’ll get lifetime access, so no monthly fees for you.



LAUNCH DATE 25.11.2021! 

These Eternal Flowers NFT are basically profesional pictures of real flowers ~ 3k, for the rest we had to do some photoshop so we’ll end up with 8k unique NFTs. 
You’re not minting this project because these flowers are pretty, you’re buying it for the lifetime access to scripts and cook group. 

 We will be listed on Magic Eden & Digital Eyes the day of mint! We will contact Solanart as we build our community.

A cook group is a community or group chat typically held on Discord. The purpose of a cook group is to help its members in copping sneakers, gpus, crypto miners, NFTs and other rare articles, Guide the members in becoming better resellers and improve their botting performance.

We’ll become a NFT focused cook group.

Any DM you get from someone claiming to be involved with Eternal Flowers is a SCAM! WE WILL NEVER DM YOU. So please let us know if you receive any private messages from lookalike accounts.

Your EFs will be sent to your wallet instantly. We’ll use candy machine on our release.

 Hopefully within 24h after mint. We’ll find a way for you to register your tokens so you can get access.

Release first Script

Focus and get the discord private group ready.

Kick all the non holders and prepare the proper members role.

Expand the dev team so

Setup a local office

Release second and 3rd script.

Keep marketing the group and our scripts.

6 months later > switch to subscription based model

This would raise the token price a lot. as owning 1 token = lifetime access

And from here on > MOON time

Become ONE of the best NFT groups with private tools and guides for their members.

We don’t want to be THE BEST, too much pressure when you’re first.

But being second or third group wordwide is something we would be comfortable with, as will our members!

Mint funds
50% to staff

25% will be invested in this project’s future. Hiring new developers and analysts, setting up our local office, investing in premium tools that we’ll use in the cook group.

25% in raising the floor over the next 6 months.

Royaltees funds
50% Royaltees into floor sweeping
40% into community treasure chest.
10% dev

Every 5th flower we’ll get from floor, we’ll preserve for giveaways. The other 4 will be BURNED in order to decrease supply.

Meet Our Team

Project Owner
Full-time NFT collector and crypto enthusiast. For the past 3 years he is spending his time and money investing in passive or semi passive income opportunities. Investing in small businesses, stock market, real estate & crypto (staking, mining and hodling). He has big long term plans for this project!
He is the person that fixed the problems we did not know we had, in a way we do not understand. We are grateful for him, as you will be. After mint, he'll get his own team of minions so you can start preparing the custom requests that you'd like added in our scripts.
Digital Marketing
The person that makes sure we will be on the first page of Google because you know what they say...the safest place to hide a body is on the second page of Google.

Contact Us

   Our TEAM of experts will make sure to answer to any questions     you might have.

   We took care of all the aspects of the project so everything is           covered.

  You can directly contact any of our creators through our Eternal     Flowers Discord.

 Do not miss the opportunity to be an early part of our         Eternal   Flowers NFT in order to unlock countless giveaways,   events,   guides and tools.